Experiential Guest Journey Platform

Touchless and frictionless.

Get in Touch

Contactless Experiences Across the Guest Journey

Let your guests choose how they want to interact with your hotel at various stages of their journey. Enable contactless services via digital channels of their choice for memorable, safe, and seamless guest experience.

Hassle-free pre-stay experience

Offer your guests a personal travel assistant on their favorite messaging app, an option to pre-book a room and request extra services from your hotel app, and ability to remotely check in by enrolling their face and their ID and authorizing their credit card.

  • Always-on travel assistant

  • Hotel app for pre-bookings & reservations

  • Pre-check in via mobile link

A smooth arrival for your guests

Enable contactless check in for guests with FaceID kiosks, turn their smartphones into room keys by sending them a digital key, and automatically send personalized welcome messages via SMS, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

  • Identity kiosk check-in

  • Mobile key

  • Automated greetings

Omni-channel guest assistance

Answer any question your guests may have via video calls, give them a VIP treatment with a 24/7 digital concierge, and let them order F&B or request any service via hotel app and messaging.

  • Video chat for service & support

  • Digital concierge - text or voice

  • Service requests via messaging or app

A truly frictionless checkout

Let your guests have the same smooth check out experience as they had when checking in. They can activate the FaceID kiosk with their voice or a hand wave, scan their face, complete the checkout process and pay for their stay.

  • Touchless checkout

  • Contactless payment

An easy way to boost guest loyalty

Send personalized guest satisfaction surveys to your guests’ preferred messaging channel. Treat your loyal guests with special offers tailored just for them and sent at the right time via SMS, messaging app, or in app notifications.

  • Guest feedback via automated messaging

  • Omni-channel loyalty offers

Omnichannel platform for a seamless guest experience

Leverage powerful modules available in avery platform to provide a superior level of service and contactless interaction between guests, hotel staff, and amenity providers.

Automated messaging

Provide instant service and support to your guests via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.


Leverage FaceID to quickly verify guests’ identity, check them in, authorize payments, and more.

Video Chat

Provide a face to face experience to guests looking for personalized service without in-person interactions.

Web apps

Bring all your services, from housekeeping to F&B ordering, right to your guests’ fingertips. No app installation required!

Digital signage

Highlight amenities, share important info, and enable guests to book services via interactive displays.

API integrations

Seamlessly integrate avery with your PMS and CRM systems for a holistic view of your guests.

Task Tracking and Powerful Analytics

Avery enables you to monitor and process guest requests, set up escalation rules, and track important metrics and KPIs all from a single dashboard. Easily set roles and permissions to enable staff members to view and manage different tasks and modules within the system.

Benefits of contactless service
powered by avery

Optimize hotel
Cut the front desk costs
Drive incremental
Maximize partnerships revenue
Unlock meaningful guest insights
Improve guest satisfaction & retention

Transform your guest experience and service delivery